“Our team found Shane’s facilitation very engaging and relevant to our journey and objectives. He is very knowledgeable on his subject and uses relatable and interesting examples. We look forward to working with Shane again soon.”
Ruth Hughes Commercial Director Kellogg’s
“Shane pushed me to take responsibility for achieving all of those things I had been putting on the long finger for so long.  I have achieved more in a year working with Shane than I had in the previous ten!  Shane helped me to establish SMART goals and then to respect them.  He helped me to recognise how to set goals that I wanted to achieve rather than just setting goals for the sake of it.  Shane’s now working with me to keep me accountable for these goals and stretching me to achieve them and more.”
“In a chaotic time in both my business and personal life the coaching offered an invaluable insight into how I could deal positively with daily stresses. It allowed me time to step back and analyze my daily routine and realize how It was impacting both me and others. Creating a work life balance was key. I have adopted certain routines that I will take into my everyday life. Shane’s approach brings comfort to the whole situation. It is a relationship based solely on trust and openness. He challenges and asks questions that you would not normally hear or expect which allows you to think about a situation or scenario differently. After a couple of sessions you can see the benefits in that you willingly adopt aspects of the coaching and more importantly during a session you find that you have adopted something unknowingly into your working life.”
“The company is going through some challenges as it continues to grow and diversify across countries. The cross country challenges include cultural and work practice nuances. Shane has helped the company and I,  face these challenges head on with a blend of proactive logical thinking with applied theoretically focused tools and approaches. The effectiveness of Shane’s mentoring and coaching skills can be seen through the results of his engagement. The company has had a very strong revenue growth year aided by Shane’s work with the Senior leadership team.”

“A great Keynote Speaker is much more than an expert in any given area. It’s not enough to be an expert. Today we’re looking for the “expert presenter.” One who speak with energy, enthusiasm and excitement. One who believes in his or her message and its ability to transform the lives of their listeners. If I speak to your head, I’ll connect to your head. If I speak to your heart, I’ll connect to you heart. But if I speak to your life, I’ll connect to your life. Shane O’Sullivan is such a great Keynote Speaker. He speaks with energy, enthusiasm and excitement about his life’s transformational journey. He’ll transform your life too. It was my privilege to share a stage with him.”

Declan Coyle, Author, The Green Platform, and Living The Green Platform.


“We reached out to Shane to help bring us through the tough ‘teenage’ years a relatively new company has after a few years in operation. We wanted the management team at all levels of the organization to better understand the different stresses within the departments, identify ways to work together to improve those stresses and ultimately become a stronger team as a result of this.

We’re a feisty bunch at the best of times, but Shane was superb at hosting this coaching day. With ease, he recognized when it made sense to let people speak or when to step in and steer the conversation back to the training material. This led to a greater engagement from all attendees, due in part to Shane’s facilitation and skill at putting people at ease immediately.

Usually, when people hear about an off site training day, there are grumbles and groans, as people are thinking about all the work they will have to ‘catch up on’ the following day. This was, however, an informative, challenging and fun day that flew by. By no means was it a sit down and be lectured to environment. Shane had us up, moving and being creative with materials some of us had probably not used in many years! He created an open and honest environment where no question or statement was dismissed, allowing for a free flow of information, ideas, suggestions and critiques.

Not only were the materials presented relevant, useful and easily implemented, the team left energized and with a better understanding not only of the company and its different departments but also of each other.”

Marc Merriman

Service Delivery Manager

Relate Care


“I found Shane very professional and easy to talk to about the areas I wanted to work on. He helped me refocus on areas that were important to my game and create realistic steps to achieve these goals. I would highly recommend Shane for his professionalism, manner and also his work ethic to find the right solution for you.”

Michael Fennelly, GAA All Star & Hurler of the Year


“I contacted Shane with a specific issue in mind. I had difficulties in relation to my mental “focus”. Shane helped set out a detailed plan, outlining possible solutions to the problem and then a route and means to achieving the goal. He was very clear and detailed at all stages during the process.  We routinely reviewed the progress being made and when required, altered or amended the plan. All of the above proved to be very helpful in regards to the issue I had and resulted in meaningful and tangible progress being achieved. In short, I would have changed little or nothing about how he handled the coaching. I find it extremely easy to communicate with him, at times the discussions are of a very personal nature and he has the ability to make me feel totally at ease during these conversations.”



“Shane gave an inspiring talk on mental health and well-being to a large group of engineers and construction workers at our ‘Team Up for Safety’ event at Sanofi, Waterford. Shane’s presentation was excellent as was his interaction with the audience during Q&A. I would highly recommend Shane as a speaker.”

Tim Mulhall

CEO Tandem Project Management Ltd


“I can identify with the approach and applications delivered by Inspiring Excellence. I believe the high performance coaching approach adopted to be of the highest international standards. I consider Inspiring Excellence to be based on the delivery of best practice methods supported by high level academic qualifications and aligned with extensive experience. I am confident that the energetic and enthusiastic methods employed can set new standards and empower individuals and teams to consistently deliver on performance.”

Liam Griffin

CEO the Griffin Group


“The Local Enterprise Office Waterford team had a team coaching session with Shane in December 2017. He was engaging, challenging but not in a confrontational way. As a team we got a lot from the session – understanding how each member viewed how the team was performing and identify as a team, development plans for the year ahead.”

Brid Kirby

Senior Enterprise Development Officer

Waterford LEO


“I had the pleasure of being a speaker alongside Shane at a site Safety seminar hosted by Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Waterford in mid 2017.

The thrust of the event was to inform and inspire a Safety culture amongst the 150 strong Construction workforce. Shane stood out as the keynote speaker and captivated the audience from the outset. He has terrific delivery skills and demonstrates a deep understanding of his subject matter.

I would highly recommend Shane as a speaker for such events, or indeed as a more personal coach for smaller groups over a lengthier duration.”

Liam Whitnell

Engineering and Design Director

Johnson & Johnson


“As a keynote speaker Shane accomplishes a great deal through an excellent blend of an inspiring delivery based on both evidence and practice based knowledge and with a strong understanding of the specifics of performance based interventions.”

Gerry Fitzpatrick

Director MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Waterford Institute of Technology


“I would highly recommend Shane as a keynote speaker. He delivered an inspiring and very practical talk to our staff at The Taxback Group, and was very well received.”

Eoin Lyons

Brand and Communications Lead

The Taxback Group


“Shane’s ability to create the environment and challenges for us to get under the layers of our team was outstanding. I would highly recommend Shane for any business or team that wishes to not just reach their potential, but to exceed it. Shane can give you the tools to create an efficient and cohesive business.”

Tommy Power

CEO Top Insure


“I can’t say enough good things about Shane. I initially met with him about twelve months ago, more out of curiosity than anything else. To say I have been blown away is an under-statement. Shane has a unique ability to put his finger on the issues without being intrusive but really through facilitating you to figure out what needs changing and how to do it. I was so impressed that I sent some of my staff team to see him! If you need to make a change, call Shane, in fact even if you don’t, call him anyway.”

Sean Ormonde

CEO Ormonde Solicitors


“I have worked with Shane over the last 6 months, the focus has mainly been from business development and coaching perspective. The process has proven to be hugely beneficial. I have found Shane to be focused, insightful and an excellent communicator. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who has a similar requirement.”

Conor Purcell

CEO Purcell Properties


“I would highly recommend Shane as a keynote speaker. He has a fantastic presence and handled the room very well. His speech was very well delivered and it was very motivational in both a sporting and working mindset.”

Eoghan Quinlan

Relationship Manager

Transfer Global Payments


“Shane does a great job of taking complex theories and making it easy for even the novice to understand. He connects with his audience and leaves you with information you can apply immediately!”

Nicole Fougeroose

Performance Coach


“I’d highly recommend Shane and Inspiring Excellence. We held a group training day with Shane in December resulting in the participants shifting their mindsets and approach to their daily work lives and the fundamentals of building high performing teams.”

Conor O Byrne

CEO Relate Care


“Shane is a professional who has the credentials to excel in his field but what separates him from the pack is that he has played his chosen sport to the highest level. In doing so he has applied theory to practise and practise to theory. Many of the skills and character attributes that Shane possesses can be transferred to elite performers whether in the world of sport or business.” 

Joe O Connor

Coaching Director at Coachpact


“The specific benefit I received from coaching was to discipline and streamline my approach to my mental game and provide me with the framework to answer specific challenges. Constant feedback and accountability was a great benefit. I find Shane very effective on a one to one basis, I enjoy these sessions. I like that he’s not afraid to go deeper into my feelings and challenge my thinking. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and I find myself searching for words or answers but i always feel a release after. Do I feel mentally more skilled and stronger in a competitive environment 10 months after I started? Undoubtedly. I find Shane very skilled at listening and very good at letting my thoughts develop without jumping in with a comment.”
High Performing Golfer and CEO