Coaching Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring are sometimes treated as being one and the same thing. However while both are inextricably linked there is a subtle difference between the two.

Coaching is primarily focused on performance within the current job and emphasizes the development of skills. Mentoring is primarily focused on longer-term goals and on developing capability. The coach concentrates on technique and motivation, the mentor provides a very different kind of support – one based on reflective learning and something akin to pastoral care.

Coaching and mentoring are powerful and inspirational tools that can easily be used by sport and business people to realize their dreams and become the best they can be. They can help improve skill and assist with the taking of high quality decisions which can lead to peak performance states and help turn dreams into reality.

Coaching and mentoring are partnership concepts in which the coach and or mentor helps the individual and team to achieve personal best ratings, helping them change in the way they wish and supporting them in becoming the best they can be.

Inspiring Excellence has a unique coaching and mentoring programme that can facilitate any individual’s development.