Team Performance


where individual talent flourishes and team members can express their individuality in an environment where the team’s performance becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

A properly coordinated team building strategy can achieve long term objectives and can enhance the potential success of a team. Building an efficient and effective team is a complex process. There is no simple formula for success,however the proper application of a number of teambuilding skills can enhance the potential of a team for success and can positively answer the question that is posed for all managers ‘how can I get the best out of this team’?

A manager can bring added value to the individual talent at his/her disposal in order to provide a platform for performances and success greater than that thought possible beforehand.

The challenge for any manager is to get each member of the team working and interacting in total harmony as a collective unit. It is about combining individual talent and potential into a winning formula.

The task of a manager is to designate and assign formal and informal individual roles so that players work together as a unit and perform consistently . As a result individual role clarity can enhance the collective performance of a team and in this regard communication skills are vital for success.

Goal setting is a challenge for all managers. Success in this regard will depend on well defined short, medium and long-term collective goals acknowledged and agreed by each individual team member, so that all players are working to the same agenda all the time.

Good team players appreciate the value of teamwork and cohesion which in turn can enhance team spirit and the overall potential of the team. Successful team managers ensure that all players strive to work together as a playing unit to achieve designated individual and collective tasks. They can ensure that the ‘team’ brings out the best in the individual and successful team managers also ensure that players get on well together as a group. The identification of common goals and advancement with confidence, concentration and commitment are vital for success.

Successful team managers will develop a team’s own identity defined by the qualities and characteristics of the collective unit. Each team has the potential for unique identity and the successful manager will develop the potential of this unique talent and not try to copy the identity of opposing teams. This sense of a team’s identity can enhance the ability of a team to set the standard in a game rather than react to the standard set by the opposition.

Inspiring Excellence can provide the tools and knowledge to support you as manager or coach to become proficient in this area and provide your team with an environment where players can develop their skill and talent to the best of their individual ability.