I had the very fortunate experience during my New Frontiers programme to have some sessions with Inspiring Excellence. It made me realise that a huge amount of success as an entrepreneur is about mindset and goal setting.
To accelerate ourselves in the fashion industry forging ahead takes a huge amount of self development and resilience.

I have found it completely invaluable to learn these skills to support myself in this area. Now that I have built out my team I have continued to work with Shane through coaching for the last twelve months, we have made huge strides forward with my business and in developing my skills as a leader, motivator and team builder.

Niamh Byrne
Ruby Rouge, EU

Our team recently had the pleasure of an hour with Inspiring Excellence in this our new "virtual reality" for a session entitled "Navigating Uncertainty". Our team is dispersed across the US and Internationally. The content was equally relevant for all of our participants.

I could not recommend Inspiring Excellence highly enough. Feedback from our group was extremely positive. One example from a long list: "This is an hour worth spending for all of Stryker leaders. I know we have several management and leadership trainings, but this is truly something we can use to help us even in the daily challenges."

Nick Corcoran
Vice President
Stryker, USA

Over the last 12 months, I have had the pleasure of working with Inspiring Excellence. Working with Inspiring Excellence, I have been able to 1.) Gain an understanding of what is and what is not important in life, 2.) Identify the values that make me who I am and who I want to be, and 3.) Realize that I have the power to choose my attitude each and every day.

I was able to quickly develop a relationship built on trust and candor with my coach. Throughout our sessions, my coach allowed me to take the conversation wherever I wanted to go while he listened attentively and followed up with candid, thought-provoking questions. We discussed aspects from both my personal and professional life and helped me to see the positives in every situation. He reinforced that “taking action” is the antidote to fear and anxiety. Most importantly, I was introduced to various concepts that I have put into practice each and every day which have enabled me to approach each new day with a positive and resilient attitude.

My experience has been life-changing and I highly recommend Inspiring Excellence for Professional/Executive Coaching.

Sean L.
Senior Manager
Global Renewable Energy Company, USA

Inspiring Excellence coaching challenges you to think about where you are as a leader and not only where you wish to go but how to get there too. Goals set out are held to account. I was a bit apprehensive of coaching at the outset but the coaching process certainly has changed my thought process in this respect . I found working with my Inspiring Excellence coach to be a very beneficial experience both professionally and personally.

John W.
Sr. Director EHS
Teva Pharma, IL/EU

I engaged with Inspiring Excellence coaching on a 12 month program. I have been continuing to practice what I am learning with my coaches assistance. He has been instrumental in helping me work through develop my weaker abilities. Specifically he has created a "safe space" to help me talk through my challenges and figure out a solid solution.

Barbara P.
VP Market Operations
Fortune 200 Company, USA

I have been working with Inspiring Excellence since November 2019. My coach has exceptional listening skills and complementary questioning skills, meaning that he asks the right questions at the right time. The questions he poses always challenge me in the right way. I often have to stop and have a long and proper think about my response. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of his interviewing style as it gets me out of my comfort zone without making me feel uncomfortable.

My Inspiring Excellence coach has exceptional empathy skills and it was really easy to very quickly build rapport and trust with him from day one. His coaching has been of great help to me on both a personal and professional level. I would highly recommend Inspiring Excellence for executive coaching.

Joseph O Regan
Keystone Procurement EU

The primary aim of training provision at Laois and Offaly Education and Training Board is preparation for sustainable employment. However, it can no longer focus on technical skills only. Learners are presenting with a multiplicity of need and engaging them - especially young and not so young males hoping for a career in construction - in exploring the softer skills is challenging in the extreme. But Inspiring Excellence overcame that challenge. They possessed the capacity to connect with trainees through real life experiences. But, crucially, they also possessed the capacity to present, and gain their commitment to, a vision for the future, their futures. More than anything Inspiring Excellence inspired hope and confidence in these young men and left them infinitely more employable as a result.

Padraig Boland
Training Manager

Our team found Inspiring Excellence's facilitation very engaging and relevant to our journey and objectives. Shane as lead facilitator is very knowledgeable on his subject and uses relatable and interesting examples. We look forward to working with Inspiring Excellence again soon.

Ruth Hughes
Managing Director
Kelloggs IRE

We had two great days with Inspiring Excellence helping us behave and communicate better as teams and an organisation.

The approach and coaching encouraged and enabled all of us to reflect on our strengths and behaviours individually and collectively. Spending the two days together helped us create space for reflection and commitments to future action.

We had a benefit of Inspiring Excellence's professional expertise in person and via video (due to Covid-19 on day two). Planning was seamless and the engagement was flawless, so much so, that video wasn't any barrier to our involvement or participation.

Denis Duggan
Macra Na Feirme IRE

I had the pleasure of being a speaker alongside Shane at a site Safety seminar hosted by Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Waterford.

Shane stood out as the keynote speaker and captivated the audience from the outset. He has terrific delivery skills and demonstrates a deep understanding of his subject matter.

I would highly recommend Shane for such events, or indeed as a more personal coach for smaller groups over a more lengthy duration.

Liam Whitnell
Engineering & Design Director
Johnson & Johnson, Ireland

I can't say enough good things about Inspiring Excellence. I initially met with Shane as lead coach about twelve months ago, more out of curiosity than anything else.

To say I have been blown away is an under-statement. Shane has a unique ability to put his finger on the issues without being intrusive but really through facilitating you to figure out what needs changing and how to do it.

I was so impressed that I sent some of my staff team to see him! If you need to make a change, call Inspiring Excellence, in fact even if you don't, call them anyway.

Sean Ormonde
Managing Director
Ormonde Solicitors IRE

I'd highly recommend Inspiring Excellence. We held a group training day with Inspiring Excellence in December resulting in the participants rapidly shifting their mindsets and approach to their daily work lives and the fundamentals of building high performing teams.

Conor O'Byrne
RelateCare USA

A great Keynote Speaker is much more than an expert in any given area. It's not enough to be an expert. Today we're looking for the "expert presenter." One who speaks with energy, enthusiasm and excitement. One who believes in his or her message and its ability to transform the lives of their listeners. If I speak to your head, I'll connect to your head. If I speak to your heart, I'll connect to you heart. But if I speak to your life, I'll connect to your life. Shane O'Sullivan is such a great Keynote Speaker. He speaks with energy, enthusiasm and excitement about his life's transformational journey. He'll transform your life too. It was my privilege to share a stage with him.

Declan Coyle
Andec Communications IRE

As someone reaping the benefits of Inspiring Excellence's one on one coaching, I had certain expectations around delivery in a team scenario. What we received far out stripped all expectations I had. Delivered in a friendly, sometimes jovial but always professional manner, the coaching but more so Inspiring Excellence's coaching gave each member of the team a better appreciation for the other members as well as showing us what we are truly capable of as a whole. I would encourage anyone currently contemplating taking the plunge to just do it, you won't regret it!

Aiden Keegan
Esquires Coffee UK